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Miscellaneous Information:

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The B&B was born out of my desire be independent, because I always wanted to be in control of my business. This desire can't be reconciled with being an employee, so I started this little adventure.

In my childhood and teenage dreams I've always wanted to do some creative work, like singing or painting. Above all singing: I always loved it. But one thing is wanting to do something and another our real possibilities, so the world will never know what a great singer it missed!

Seriously though, I discovered that I have a very strong ability to welcome peopleand make them feel comfortable, and this is the thing that led me to open the B&B.

I like to welcome, accommodate and take care those who are under my roof.

I've always been like that with my friends, and so, as it often happens, what comes natural to do is what becomes one's profession.
This job has for me an important side, which is human contact. It gives me the possibility not only to know many people, but to know all kinds of people. Being in Milan and not, for example, in a seaside town where you go to spend your holidays, the B&B recieves people who come here for various reasons: from simple tourism to fashion shows, to do clinical tests or for a family member's graduation, an important business meeting or a political meeting.

And in the end all these reasons become, among these walls, an endless gallery of faces and stories. Of course I get paid. But these faces and these stories remain inside me, and they often turn into friendships that last over time.

There are several people with which, even in the frenetic life of the metropolis, I sometimes get in touch with and exchange a few phone calls just for the sake of friendship and to know what's going on. Not to mention the fact that people come from all of Europe, Japan and all over the world, especially during periods wheninternational fairs are held in the city.

Managing a B&B is an activity that I never thought I would do, but in the end I have to say I'm really happy to do this job, because it is the one that really suits me.

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